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Four easy ways to DIY your wedding

Weddings can be seriously expensive, but DIYing can be a bit daunting, especially if you haven't picked up a glue stick since primary school!

It is a great way of making something really unique and really YOU, as well as saving a bit of money, and it can even be a bit fun!

So here we go - four ways to DIY your wedding that are easy and can look really amazing without too much effort!

1. Photo Booth

Hang up a frame or a backdrop, or pick a statement bit of wall, throw in a box of props, and set up a camera!

We're DIYing this for our wedding - a gorgeous section of exposed brick wall, a box of silly (but not tacky) props, and an Instax Polaroid camera - what could be easier?!

Image: The Knot

2. DIY Vases

These are perfect for lining the aisle, dressing dinner tables, decorating the dessert table, whatever you fancy!

Wine bottles are perfect for this, or why not try gin bottles, milk bottles or empty tin cans.

For a rustic wedding, why not wrap them in partially or fully in twine or rope?

For more of a glamorous affair, spray paint them in your colours, and then just fill them with foliage and flowers!

Image: Pinterest

3. Favours

These can be as easy or complicated as you like!

If you're gin fiends, why not distill your own gin with damsons or sloes?

What about making little jars of jam or chutney? There are plenty of easy recipes online.

Image: Hearth & Heritage

4. Hotel Goody Bags

If you have lots of guests travelling a distance and staying in hotels, why not put together little hotel goody bags?

Fill them with things they might need during their stay -

A couple of paracetamol, a bottle of water, snacks, hand sanitiser, a mini bottle of your favourite tipple, something themed for the two of you, and anything else you might fancy!

Image: Poppins and Post

Have any questions? Drop me a message today and let's chat about ideas!

Happy wedding planning!

Miss Helen x


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