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It's not just a cake...

A wedding cake is a key element of most couple's evening receptions - multiple tiers, beautiful design, it boasts deliciousness, elegance, simplicity.

At one point in the night, everyone will gather round to see the happy couple cut the cake together, applaud, take some photos, and then what?

Cake by Miss Helen's

The Romans brought us the wedding cake - in those days, a barley or wheat cake would be broken over the bride's head to bring the couple good luck and fertility. The bride and groom would eat the first few crumbs as their first act as a married couple, and then the guests would eat the rest.

But back to the day - we've cut the cake, now what?

Well, you eat it, of course!

That's why it's so important that the cake is exactly what you want it to be - and that might not even be cake!

At Miss Helen's, buttercream sponge cakes are my speciality - in your perfect choice of flavour combinations.

I prefer the light sweetness of buttercream, to dense super-sweet sugar paste; every jam, curd, ganache and filling is made completely from scratch to order, and I create stylish, modern and delicious cakes that can be a stylish focal point to your wedding.

They aren't made to sit on an old fashioned silver stand in a corner, waiting to be cut - they're cakes that give a visual wow factor, meant to be eaten on the day, and seriously

enjoyed - not wrapped and stored in the freezer for months.

Cake by Miss Helen's

Wedding cakes are so steeped in tradition - think of the traditional white royal iced fruitcakes of the weddings of your parents or grandparents time - they can sometimes be a bit overlooked in terms of style and design.

They don't have to be white, they don't have to be stacked, they don't even have to be cake!

With the absolute joy of Pinterest and Instagram, the world is your absolute oyster now for design and style in your wedding cake.

My speciality is straight buttercream sides with sharp corners, the perfect blank canvas for your beautiful flowers, delicious macarons and meringue kisses, decadent gold leaf. Luxurious, high quality, low stress and beautiful.

A marble pattern on your invitations? Why not have a marbled tier of your cake?

A monogram seal? The lace of your veil? Pearls on your hairband? A pattern on your wedding rings? All of these can be used as design ideas for your cake.

Cake by Miss Helen's

It's not just a cake - it's a delicious and beautiful reflection of you as a couple, and your style.

Does it have to be cake?

Absolutely not! If your preference is cookies, have those instead! Fancy some brownies? I definitely would.

Macarons, doughnuts, iced biscuits, lemon tarts, rocky road, whatever you think reflects your style, taste and the two of you as a couple best, that's what you should have!

I'll let you in to a secret - I'm actually not a huge fan of cake!

I think it's because I spend so much time working with it - if I had a choice, it would be last on my list!

So for our wedding, we're having a small but tall cake - we'd like to cut something. But we're also having brownies and blondies, cookies, iced biscuits, meringue kisses, rocky road (it's G's favourite, after all) and some beautiful cake hearts - all the treats for the sweetest couple!

Dessert table by Miss Helen's

Want to chat about your perfect wedding cake (or treats)? Drop me a message today! - and keep an eye out for my next blog in a couple of weeks!

Happy wedding planning!

Miss Helen x


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