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"Nobody puts Baby in a corner"

You've paid hundreds of pounds, you've spent time with your cake artist tasting, chatting and designing your perfect wedding cake, so why would you hide it away in a corner, on an old fashioned silver stand provided by the venue, when it could be in full view, dressed to impress with all the high fashion accessories?!

Here's a little snapshot at some amazing examples of how you can show off your cake from some of my favourite cake artists!


I know, they can scream "kids birthday party!" but have you seen them like this?


The ultimate in romantic decoration

Change up the cake stand

Do away with the old fashioned silver stands, and add some drama with a stand

Add a hoop, a spiral or a swing!

A touch of whimsical joy to your display

Please do get in touch to chat more about wedding cake dressing options, and any stands and decorative accessories you can hire from me! - and keep an eye out for my next blog in a couple of weeks.

Happy wedding planning!

Miss Helen x

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