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Our Top Five First Anniversary Gifts

Whether we're thinking traditional (paper), or modern (clocks), or something completely different - here are our top five first anniversary gift ideas!

Photo by The Folio Society

1. A special edition of their favourite book

This one is relatively self-explanatory, and doesn't have to be as difficult to find as you might first think - The Folio Society produce beautifully bound and illustrated special editions of 'books that have changed the world' in their own words - check them out and I'm sure you'll find something your husband or wife will love!

Photo by This Paper Book

2. Date night cards

Perfect for easy ideas of fun ways to spend your time together - who knows, you might find a brand new activity that you both absolutely love!

Photo by The Portland Co

3. A print of your first dance song or one of your readings

A beautiful way of preserving a memory - you chose those songs or readings for a reason, so they're obviously very important to you. Find a beautiful print or paper-cut to put them somewhere special in your home.

Photo by BB Illustration

4. Commission a drawing of your wedding venue

There are so many amazing artists on Etsy who will produce a beautiful of your wedding venue from a photograph - find the one with the style that you love the most!

Photo by Betsy Benn

5. A personalised clock of your favourite place

There are so many creative versions of this idea online - I absolutely love the contrast between the land and sea in these clocks, and if your favourite place together is by the coast, jump on this one!

Give me a shout if you'd like to chat more creating a special cake or treat for your anniversary, or to have me create your wedding cake! - and keep an eye out for my next blog in a couple of weeks!

Happy wedding planning!

Miss Helen x


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