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Seven ways to avoid your wedding cake going to waste

Your wedding cake could be the biggest cake you've ever had in your entire life - and it definitely should be - you deserve this!

However, it seems to be really common for serious amounts of cake to be leftover at weddings.

Wasted cake means wasting money, and wasting food - and in a society more and more aware of reducing waste, what can we do about that?

Serve your cake as dessert

This could be a bit of a money saver aswell - because you won't need three courses from your caterer! It's ideal if you're having street food vendors as your catering, or if you're doing something more sharing like grazing platters.

If you're having a summer wedding, why not serve it with fresh berries and cream? Or as a really easy option, get the venue to serve it on large platters buffet-style!

Cake by Miss Helen's

Get rid of the extras

If you're having a tiered cake, do you really need the sweetie cart and the brownie stack?

After a decadent meal, especially if you're having dessert, your guests may not want a slice of cake and a doughnut! And if you really do want all three, why not think about a smaller cake?

Fake tiers

If you desperately want the impact of a three or more tiered cake, but you're only having a small number of guests, think about dummy tiers - these are polystyrene tiers, iced to look identical to the other tiers of your cake, and I promise, you won't be able to tell the difference.

Be aware though, that with fake tiers the cost isn’t necessarily much lower than that of real cake tiers. It all depends on what decoration you go for on the outside of your cake design.

Cake by Miss Helen's

Freeze them!

Cake freezes really well! Your cake will be baked to order especially for your wedding, to be as fresh as possible. So if you carefully wrap it and freeze it, it'll come out just aswell a couple of months later when you're back from your honeymoon, suffering from post-wedding blues and fancy a sweet treat!

Use it as favours

Get your venue to slice it up and pop it in boxes for your guests to take away with them. This used to be super popular when fruitcake was all the rage, but sponge works just as well - just think about party bags when you were a kid, but much more classy, obviously.

Serve it the next day?

Having friends over for brunch or afternoon tea the next day? I'm sure they'd be glad of a slice of cake to stave off their hangover!

Make a moment for serving, as well as cutting

If you’re having a cake then you’ll probably be making a moment for the ceremonial cutting. What happens next? Quite often, it gets cut up, put in a corner and most guests don’t even know it’s there.

I’d recommend making a moment for serving the cake as well as the ceremonial cutting. What about cake and cocktail time, or having the venue staff bring the cake round on platters. That means your guests will actually know it’s been served and it will get eaten!

Have any questions? Drop me a message today and let's chat about your perfect wedding cake!

Happy wedding planning!

Miss Helen x


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