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Thinking about cutting the cake?

Your guide to what's hot 🔥 and what's not 🚫 in wedding traditions, according to Miss Helen!

So, you're engaged. Congratulations! And then, suddenly everyone is throwing ideas and suggestions at you like there's no tomorrow - and where do you even begin?!

There are often so many expectations from others on a day that's supposed to celebrate you and your significant other, and this little sharing of my opinions is really me snubbing societal expectations and traditions (some of them anyway!) and encouraging you to celebrate you, in your own way.

This is YOUR day - focus on you, and the things you want to include, and make it your own.

So here's a little bit of food for thought... what's hot, and what's not, in my world! - and I'd love to hear yours in the comments!

My hot list 🔥 my top three wedding traditions:

1. Something old

Now this one is super cute - "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" - the old represents the bride’s past, and the new is her future. The something borrowed is traditionally from someone happily married, hoping that the good luck will rub off on the bride, and the blue is connected to fidelity and love!

I love how imaginative you can be with these - why not combine two in one as well - no one said they had to all be separate! I've seen pieces of mum's wedding dress sewn into the bride's as the "something old", with blue thread used as the "something blue" - such a lovely idea!

2. Confetti

Once upon a time, we used to throw rice at couples who had just got married, and I'm secretly quite pleased that it's now confetti! There are so many gorgeous options for confetti, especially eco-friendly ones - why not look for dried flower petals - they'll smell gorgeous too!

A confetti picture ALWAYS looks amazing - so be sure to chat to your photographer about this one!

Confetti isn't solely for throwing at the end of the ceremony - it's the perfect thing to decorate your tables in an easy but amazingly effective way - and you could even make it yourself so it's really bespoke to your style or theme.

3. Cake

I feel like you were probably expecting this one! But there are actually a few cake related things I'm not a fan of - I don't know if I love the idea of waiting for the cake to be cut, and the ceremony surrounding that, although I do love the idea of having a whole table of cake!

There are so many options with cake as well - if a stacked cake isn't your thing, why not have a dessert table? It's great for keeping little ones quiet through the speeches too, and you don't have to worry about your niece or nephew grabbing a handful out of the back of the cake!

Or if you're not a cake fan, why not have a stack of cheeses, or cheesecakes, or cinnamon rolls, or a brownie tower - I mean, so many options!!

My not list 🚫 my three least favourite traditions:

1. Couple not seeing each other before they meet at the altar

It's supposed to be bad luck to not see each other before you meet at the altar, but this one actually dates back to the days of arranged marriages, when couples weren't allowed to see each other in case they pulled out of the marriage!

The build up and excitement of not seeing each other might be your thing, but something that's becoming more common is a first look - you'll still have that time apart getting ready, but then you get some you time together before you walk down the aisle.

Getting married can be quite nerve-wracking, and your husband or bride-to-be is often the person that keeps you calm, so spending some time together first is always a bonus!

2. Bride (or one half of the couple) being given away

I put this one in the same basket as asking for permission from your partner's father before you propose - something that should be left in the past! The feminist in me cannot deal with it - we're not anyone's property, and we're perfectly capable of making our own decisions - choice of husband being one of them!

But this is very much personal preference, and I feel like so many dads would hate reading this as they probably can't wait to walk their daughter down the aisle, but it's not for me! (Just don't tell my dad!)

3. White wedding dresses

I absolutely love a wedding dress - I'm slightly obsessed with Say Yes To The Dress, and I have an idea of exactly what I'd want to wear if I ever get chance to walk down the aisle (by myself or with my husband-to-be, of course!)

However. Do they have to be white? There are so many spectacular dresses in such an array of colours, and not everyone looks great in white (or ivory, or cream), so go wild! It's your day - if you want to wear baby blue, why not wear baby blue?! I'll make you a stunner of a cake to match!!

So there you go! My unsolicited opinions - but hopefully a bit of food for thought!

I'd love to know which traditions you love, and which you dislike - and they don't have to just be wedding traditions! - just drop me a comment below!

Happy wedding planning!

Miss Helen x


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