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Welcome to Miss Helen’s!

January means a complete fresh start for me, and I have a bit of a plan. Sort of.

Until 20th December 2019, I was Director of Music for the whole of an all through school in London, and I worked with some of the most amazing colleague and friends that I have ever known, but I was actually very unhappy. I’m not sure that teaching is for me at the moment, and so, currently with no job, I have taken the plunge – four days before Christmas, I filled my car with all my worldly possessions, and I have moved in with my very lovely boyfriend in Leeds.

I have a few plans for January, and for 2020, and you can come along with me for the journey!

This month, I will be:

  1. Applying for every and any job that I think might be the right thing for me! Pretty sure that these won’t be in teaching for the foreseeable!

  2. Working on new recipes which I will share on this blog!

  3. Thinking about a YouTube channel linked to this blog… watch this space!

  4. Research, research, research!

I’m very excited to see what happens over the next few weeks!

Have any tips, or ideas, or recipe suggestions? Please comment below!

Miss Helen x


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