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What happens on the day?

You've booked your cake artist, and planned your dream cake together.

Your wedding day arrives, and I'm sure you'd love to know, what happens on the day!

  1. I pack up my kit!

My delivery kit has everything I could possibly need in case something needs fixing or goes slightly awry: a couple of cake scrapers, a couple of palette knives (at least one cranked and one flat), a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers, spare buttercream in the same colour(s) as the cake in a piping bag, a few pairs of gloves, floristry tape, edible glue, paint brushes, a spirit level, a water bottle for those long journeys, and plenty of hand sanitiser hand cream! For those cakes with artificial flowers, I also bring a pair of wire cutters - those pesky stems can be tricky to cut through!

2. I add any finishing touches that your cake might need, and it gets boxed up ready for

delivery - and put back in the fridge!

If your cake has fondant decorations, these go on now, or any details like gold leaf or importantly placed sprinkles.

3. Turn on the air con!

It's vital that the car stays as cool as possible for the duration of travel, so to help with this, the air con goes on shortly before the cake goes in the boot.

We want the environment to be as similar as possible to the fridge! Then, your cake is carefully packed into the car and off we go!

4. At the venue...

I meet your wedding coordinator and get your cake assembled! I use buttercream between each tier to make sure they're attached together really securely, and I normally use a dowel through the middle of all tiers, so nothing slides around if it gets warm!

I'll touch up any areas that need tweaks, and make sure that all your flowers are placed carefully in. Whether your flowers are artificial or real, the process is pretty much the same - the stems are wrapped well in food safe floral tape so nothing dangerous touches the cake.

5. Pictures!

I make sure I get the perfect shots for my social media and website, and to share with you if you've asked for a sneak peek! I LOVE taking pictures of your wedding cakes - I'm always so proud of every cake that I make, and even more that I can be part of your special day!

Feel free to get in touch to chat more about wedding cake options - and keep an eye out for my next blog in a couple of weeks!

Happy wedding planning!

Miss Helen x


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