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What is a wedding cake portion?

We use two portion sizes as standard when we refer to wedding cake servings - the first is a dessert portion of 2" x 1", which is generous and perfect to serve as dessert at your wedding breakfast.

You could have a two-course wedding breakfast, and serve your wedding cake as dessert, with this portion size served with fresh berries and cream.

If you're going to have a formal cake cutting, and serve your cake after your breakfast, smaller slices are perfect for this - 1" x 1" finger slices are a great choice for your guests here, and you'll get more portions from your cake with this size. Make sure you chat to your venue, or whoever is cutting your cake so they know to cut it in this way!

Here's a little visual guide to give you an estimate of how many servings your cake will provide, depending on which size slice you choose:

Feel free to get in touch to chat more about wedding cake options - and keep an eye out for my next blog in a couple of weeks!

Happy wedding planning!

Miss Helen x


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