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Why is booking a professional so important?

Picture this: you're getting married, you've worked out the budget, and to save a few hundred pounds, you've decided to make the cake yourself.

Or, your Auntie Susan, Grandma, or even your mum have decided they want to make the cake as their gift to you.

Should you gratefully accept? After all, you'll save some money in the budget for other things.

Or should you insist on going with a professional?

I'd obviously say the latter, but here are a few reasons why...

1. They know what they're doing!

They can advise you on what would be an appropriate size for the number of guests, they'll also be able to advise on flavours, colours, and designs.

They’ll know how to make those little ruffles you’d like around the bottom tier, or how to make your top tier shimmer beautifully.

Tell them how many guests you’re having and they’ll tell you exactly what size cakes you need.

2. They're registered and insured.

Many venues insist on wedding suppliers being registered and insured, and will ask for proof of this. A professional is used to this and will have the documents ready for them.

What if something happens to the cake while it's being delivered? What if a foreign body is found in the cake by one of your guests? Obviously these are events that no one wants to happen but a professional will be covered for all these eventualities.

3. They have food training

They'll be fully trained in food hygiene, and have a full knowledge of food allergens.

Since new laws were introduced in 2013 ,every food producer must be able to provide full allergy information on all food produced and must provide you with documentation detailing the allergens in product.

They'll also be able to recommend ingredients and cakes suitable for dietary requirements.

4. You don't need to stress!

We've got it covered!

You won't have to worry about anything cake-related - we do this every week in wedding season, and sometimes more often than that!

We'll liaise with the venue to sort out delivery and setting up, so all you need to do on the day is admire your gorgeous wedding cake (and eat it, of course!)

5. We care about your happiness

Every small business owner, cake artists especially, want to create something that is perfect for you. We have a deep sense of pride attached to every cake we create, and there is a small piece of us in every cake we make, so we want it to be perfect!

Still want to make your own cake? Or let your grandma make it for you?

Here are some reasons why that might not be a great idea....

1. It will be stressful!

You'll need to set aside a good amount of time over the two days before your wedding day to bake and decorate. It'll need time to bake, to cool completely, and time to decorate, and then you'll need to store it somewhere suitable.

Don’t underestimate how long it will take, and everyone will be wanting your time during those few days.

2. Have you baked recently?

If you haven't baked since school, or all your practice is from helping your parents in the kitchen as a child, don't go there!

You'll need to know how to bake a good cake, and it needs to be safe for your guests to eat!

3. Food safety

If your guests are going to be eating it, you need to know about food hygiene and allergens.

Also, check with your venue as some only allow registered and insured suppliers.

4. Plan and practice!

Sketch out what it's going to look like well in advance, make sure you have all the equipment and ingredients that you'll need, and have at least one practice run before you bake the real thing!

You might also need to practice decorating, and any additional skills that are involved there too!

5. Structural skills

Ever stacked a cake before? You'll need to use dowels to make sure it doesn't collapse into itself.

And make sure that all your tiers are level and flat - otherwise your cake might lean, or fall over!

6. Transport

How will you get the cake to your venue? Whoever is transporting it will need plenty of boot or floor space - don't try to carry it on someone's lap!

Who will set it up at the venue? And who will make sure it's in the right place?

There are lots of logistics to think about which can add to your stress in the lead up.

Don't fancy making your own cake after all?

That's what I'm here for! Drop me a message to discuss your perfect cake today!

Happy wedding planning!

Miss Helen x


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