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The top five mistakes couples make with their wedding suppliers & how to avoid them

You know the drill, you've got engaged, you're super excited and you're raring to get going planning your wedding. Here are my top 5 things to avoid when looking for or working with wedding suppliers to make your wedding the smoothest, most chilled experience you possibly can!

1. Enquiring with too many suppliers

A three tier wedding cake surrounded by flowers and a beautiful picnic, like you would see in a lavender field in the middle of Provence
Photo by Sophie Mort Photography

Options are really important so you know you’re making an informed decision, but don’t go mad contacting every venue within a 30 mile radius the day after you get engaged, no matter how tempting it might be!

If you contact too many suppliers, venues, etc, you’ll get yourself in such a muddle when people start responding and you won’t be able to keep track of all the different options.

Make a shortlist of the venues and suppliers that you really love, and contact a few at a time, and if you're really keen, go and visit - this will help you weigh up the pros and cons and not get totally overwhelmed!

2. Not reading the contract

Make sure you have a contract or agreement in writing with your chosen wedding venue and vendors, and make sure you read it properly.

You don’t want to be caught out by anything unexpected later - be clear on things like whether you need to supply meals for the on-the-day suppliers, such as your photographer and DJ, and who owns the copyright for your photos.

Make sure you are completely happy before you pay any kind of deposit or booking fee - remember many wedding vendors are small, independent businesses and the contracts are there to protect them just as much as they are for you too.

3. Not trusting your gut

A white plate with a white menu card on top, with a cream cake popsicle decorated with piped lavender flowers.
Photo by Sophie Mort Photography

You knew that your partner was the one, right? Now you’re getting married so you know you can trust your gut.

If you know deep down that your dress is the one as soon as you step in front of the mirror, or you find yourself wondering if the photographer you’ve been chatting to could also be in your wedding party because you get on so well, don’t question yourself!

If you both feel confident, you can be sure it’s definitely the right choice for your day - don’t overwhelm yourself with other options to try and remove any doubts. Sometimes, you really do just know.

4. Going for the cheapest option

We know that your wedding budget is tight - but if you can afford more, spend it!

If you’re struggling to afford what you really want, why not think about booking a wedding outside of peak season, as more suppliers are likely to have deals.

Why not be open about your budget and see if the supplier you really want can offer you a package to suit it, but also be understanding if they can’t.

Another way to make sure you can afford the big things that really matter to you is to work out where you don’t mind compromising on things to free up more budget for the more important stuff - if you’re desperate for that 5 tier cake, could you go for a two course meal and have cake served as dessert to save a bit of money?

5. Not asking the professionals for help

A three tier cake with a smaller middle tier, decorated in plain white icing, with purple and green accents.
Photo by Sophie Mort Photography

If you’re struggling to find a specific supplier, why not ask the people you've already booked for their recommendations.

The wedding industry can feel pretty huge when you’re searching through it, but suppliers talk to each other and often work really closely together on weddings or styled shoots - they will be more than happy to recommend other businesses they like and trust, and who probably work in a similar style to them.

This also works if you love someone’s work but they’re not available for your wedding! - ask them to recommend someone who works similarly to them, and I know they'll be able to make a suggestion.

Feel free to get in touch to chat more about wedding cake options - and keep an eye out for my next blog in a couple of weeks!

Happy wedding planning!

Miss Helen x


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